Paper is one of the most common material used in modern history. each and every day we come into contact with paper in our home, office, school and as we do business in different forms. In most cases, we may need to: write something down; read a book; unpack goods, package goods; and even go to a washroom where we all need paper to serve the purpose. Just imagine each of these paper coming from a tree that has been cut down?.  What would this mean to our environment? Do we really have enough trees to sustain our demand for paper locally and globally?

In order to sustain this demand, recycling has enabled paper to serve us more than one time hence reducing the demand for trees to make virgin paper. Just imagine by recycling 1,000kgs of paper you save 17 mature trees from being cut?.  another fascinating fact is that paper can be recycled for up to 7 times before being discarded depending on the grade of paper being made, however, each time paper is recycled its fibers becomes shorter and shorter and weaker.

in Kenya two major grades of paper white and brown are recycled to make different paper products depending on their quality and recycling mill technology.  Resulting products includes including toilet paper, paper wraps, packaging paper, gift  and art cards, cardboard boxes, and  paper bags.

To learn more on how you can recycle that is in your office, home or any other place please reach us through: 0770013588.

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